By selectiong a trust partner such as Pure VPN, we selected the best VPN provider. Fast, reliable and secure. Up to 80 percent faster than competitors PUREVPN is bring to VERITAS PRIVATE NETWORK core element and great level of support







VPN Features

• Multi-protocol
• More than 22,000 IP available
• More than 300 servers
• More than 26 countries covered
• Dedicated IP (optional)
• Unlimited Bandwidth
• Customer Support 24/7 live with Pure VPN
• Unlimited connection speed and ultra fast
• 256bit Encryption

• On PC, MAC, and also IPHONE, ANDROID

About Us

Since years, VPN Veritas Private Network as supplied its customers with  prepaid card, privacy tools, or business services. We are a business partner, a trusted provider of comprehensive service and privacy solutions, backed by solid partners , fast and friendly service, and incredible sourcing capabilities. 

Our mission is to listen to our client's specific needs and deliver high performance services through continuous services innovation and operational excellence. 

We present first PRIVACY PACK: 1 VPN + 1 prepaid card

Veritas Private Network: All in one Privacy Services - VPN and Prepaid Card

Technology was supposed to make a world better and it does. But we all lost something essential, our privacy. Whatever you go, whatever you buy, too many third parts know about it. It’s Time for change, time to take back control of their privacy Becauseprivacy is an essential elements of security 

Prepaid Veritas MasterCard is one of the best high end prepaid card available. By including all necessaries services such incoming transfer, cash deposit, instant money sharing, withdrawal at ATMs. Veritas prepaid MasterCard is bringing privacy to highest level.

VPN Veritas Private Network offers a variety of services level: basic, classic and VIP. But all customers get same level of privacy, the best ones.

Get back your Privacy


At VPN Veritas Private Network, we know your data, your informations are the backbone of your life, which is why we offer innovative solution for protecting your privacy. VPN Veritas Private Network provides best way to get back your privacy into your hands: discretion, anonymous, instant, fast.

Because of the pivotal role privacy play in your life, VPN Veritas Private Network is committed to creating and maintaining strong relationships with our customers. From the products and services we propose to our dedicated customer service and partners. Because we all fight for one thing: freedom.


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Parts and Service when you need them 

Privacy and Service when you need them 

INTERNET is fantastic but only with Freedom and Privacy

Technology was supposed to make a world better and it does.

But we all lost something essential, our privacy.

Whatever you go, whatever you buy, too many third parts are knowing about it.

It’s Time for change

We want help people to take back control of their privacy Because privacy is an essential elements of security

Our purpose is simple: protect our users’ privacy. 
VPN Veritas Private Network is not only a payment method innovation, but also a manner for our clients  to make purchase in a secure and privacy manner. We believe in freedom, security and neutrality. Privacy is not a commodity; it’s a right for all of us. 

Welcome to the VPN Veritas Private Network department. If you have any questions at all, our friendly team is just a email away.

If you want maximum up-time, the best performance, safety, and efficiency, use our VPN provider.

You've invested a lot of time and money into your business. Protect that investment with privacy is a success key. It's the only way to get performance, safety, and efficiency.

Why choose and pay for a VPN ?
Sure, it may be tempting to use free VPN services. But the truth is, saving a few dollars now could cost you a lot more in the long run. Think about these critical items:

  • Speed- Because our VPN solution will give high speed connectionfor your equipment, you'll get the most uptime and maximum performance.
  • Safety - You never know when a small difference will have huge consequences. Why put your business at risk ?
  • Discretion - Using Veritas Privacy Pack will bring you one of the best privacy level available.

Building Better World where Privacy is not just a word


VERITAS PRIVATE NETWORK is bringing you  back your privacy.

We offer you to take back control of your Privacy

Send us an email and we'll get right back to you.

We're helping you to get back your privacy.

With Pure VPN discover one of the best VPN provider available..

Visit Card Veritas website and discover a new world of way to pay and to get payed

• No Bank Account

• Card MasterCard International Payment

• High Levels

• Simple activation by SMS

• Charging by species

• Operates all shops, online retailers and withdrawal

• Sharing money instantly between cards

• Receiving and sending money worldwide

• integrated banking services

• Access online via PC, MAC and also


Card Features

"Privacy is not an option, it's your right !

Veritas Team